On the Media Podcast Response

On the Media Pod Cast

Kuow Conversation Podcast: What is Freedom on the Web?

MY reaction: Principal of openness and the universal access to the web has made us robots of our time. We start believing whatever we hear. It is as if we have no brains left in our selves. The media systematically discards what they don’t want us to know. They are molding our thinking and our vision the way they want. The truth is often hidden from us so much so that if we find out the truth it is almost criminal. Honesty is a lonely word in the world of Media. The Medium is often taken away before we can get a sense of what it really is. We are being feed misinformation, and lies by the media every day. Not only on the T.V. news but on the web. The sad part is most people actually believe in it. I have to interest or desire for such a medium. Journalists, reporters can twist a story any way they want. Usually that’s what they do. But, just because they can, it does not mean they should. They have no code of ethics. It is as if the media is a prostitute for money hungry politicians.

On the Media Post: Sue You


I can see why so many people are so hesitant to blog, Facebook, or even Twitter. Your information for the world to see and you don’t know how your privacy can be invaded by anyone. Invading someone’s privacy is a serious issue. Using defamation, or words such as Shank to defame an individual, a corporation is un-dignifying. So much so, that when the courts get involved it gets even viler. My senses do not want to be a part of such a system in the media. Never the less, it is a part of our world we live in. It seems that everyone is trying to sue each other. To me, using defamation lawsuit to get the court order to reveal Rosemary Ports name is un-ethical. An example of frivolous use of the court system is when Cohen used defamation lawsuit to get the court order to reveal Rosemary Port’s name. Once they got the name then they dropped the law suit. The question that comes to my mind is, should you remain anonymous, or should you reveal your name? It is almost “you are doomed if you do, and you are doomed if you don’t”.


On the Media Podcast: You Decide, We Report

My reaction: After listening to “You Decide We Report”

Journalism is the fabric of professional judgment when it comes to mass media. After listening to this pod cast it was evident that the public wants to hear all that messy lies no matter what! The journalist is giving them what they want because the media already programed the audience to be the way they are today. People want to follow the sensationalism, the popular. Search Engine optimizes to generates the greatest possible user traffic on the web page on Google. The media’s job is to keep people interested, and what interest people these days are what are sensationalized by the media itself! Another Ah-ha moment is the fact that even today in our digital world of technology the key to journalism is still what is important to people, and what is not important to people. But who decides that? The people or the media? Or is it the politicians? The fact is that often time’s ethics of journalism is ignored and overlooked.

People In Holes

My reaction: We the people of society, communities, have fallen victim to being stuck in a hole. The focus is not only the amount of people who have fallen, but the people who are involved in the situation. Sensationalizing a tragic event, have become Pulitzer Prize Winning! Musicals are even described as groundbreaking. Before the television became popular, coverage on the radio included announcers that were defaming one another’s reports. Even today we get misinterpretations of the real story. There was always a confidence behind the voice of the radio that made us belief in the truth that was reported. The television and the radio worked hard to bring news to the public twenty four hours a day. This was the bate that brought the public closer to the radio. It also increased the sales of newspapers. In the Pod Cast my big A-HA moment was “The New Way of Covering a Story, wall to wall, was a success.” Ever since I can remember, television, radio, newspapers have all held on to this Devine idea, and today they still do! This kind of reporting is still alive on blogs, and online reporting today.

Media Ethics Online

My reaction: For me ethics defines the human race, a society, a community. I am disappointed that we, who keep the media alive, do not hear stories about the billions of massacred Palestinians. Instead they are portrayed as villains of society. My biggest takeaway from Paul Levinson on Digital McLuhan is that we are constantly influenced by the media with commercials, blogs, songs, and movies. The effect of this entire media has made us puppets for the media. They sing the songs and we dance to the music they play. We, as human beings, slowly realize what we are conditioned to like it, even if it is unethical. But it’s too late to change it now because sadly, we as human beings like the sound of that music.


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