Goldsworthy Inspired Sculpture


1) Sketches of my inspiration to Andy Goldsworthy: Trees, Flowers, Leaves and all that is Nature and Beauty.


2) Sketches of my inspiration to Andy Goldsworthy: This is my chosen Tree. This is the tree of Life. It has its roots in the bottom and leaves on the top with branches. The circular shape flower art is the soul of the tree. This tree of Life gives hope to all of humanity!


3) I started out with the center of the tree and that is the soul. It is created with lentils, and sesame seeds.


4) Then I used cinnamon sticks to create the texture of the tree.


5) After the texture was created, I used pine needles to create the roots.


6) I added dried green split peas to indicate pollinating seeds. Then I started adding the leaves with parsley.


7) I added more leaves with parsley. Then I added pumpkin seeds to create lines to indicate lines of space.


Final Product from the side view.

The assigned project: Create an Andy Goldsworthy inspired Sculpture and demonstrate the principles of design.

The sheer joy and admiration I have for Andy Goldsworthy inspires my heart and soul. His craft, creation and source of raw materials invites my senses to explore life and create. Create something unique different that no one has created before. My design of the tree of life is created with Cinnamon sticks, Lentils, sesame Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Parsley, fried Peas and Pine needles. Although it is created inside, the initial thought process was outside by looking at trees, flowers and landscapes.

“Nature is the most important thing we have.” Andy Goldsworthy

Principles of Design used in my design are as follows:

Line: The lines created with pine needles, cinnamon sticks, and also pumpkin seeds indicate direction and rhythm.

Shape: The shapes used in my design are organic leaves created with parsley. Also geometric shape in the middle to form a circle with lentils and sesame seeds.

Direction: The lines have direction. the horizontal lines of the tree with the cinnamon sticks suggest calmness, stability and tranquility.

Texture: The texture of the tree is defined by the cinnamon sticks.

Color: The green colors of the leaves made with parsley brings out the orange lentils more vividly.

Repetition: Repetition in my design can be considered by looking at the entire design. there are many lines organic and geometric repeated in various places of the design. For example the pumpkin seeds repeated in curvature lines.

Balance: Balance in my design of the “Tree of Life” is defined first by the symmetrical design of branches on the left and the branches on the right. the left and the right sides are similar to each other. The roots in the bottom holds the symmetry of the whole design. The circular shape in the middle which is the soul of the tree with orange lentils and black sesame seeds unifies the design by repeating the orange lentils on the top, defining buds forming to become a flower.

Harmony: Harmony in my design is the visual effect of combining similar shapes into a symmetrical design that balances the entire design in a harmonias affect.

Unity: Finally my design is unified with the horizontal horizon line. the idea f tranquility is expressed by symmetrical design linking various objects together.

Construct a Sculpture: Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy I have created a dynamic composition with lentils, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon sticks, parsley, dried peas, and pine needles.

Enhanced Experience: Some how I created this thoughtful, aesthetic, and engaging design. I would like to do it again and again.


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